Japanese market

One stop shop of high-quality materials

Azumaya distributes a variety of thermal laminating films, wet laminating films, and coating materials for the print finishing and packaging markets.
Our own automatic high-rise warehouse and delivery trucks enable us to realize short lead times; which is truly essential in Japan.
We also have an explosives proof storage house for adhesives and coating materials. We welcome requests of unique products that relate to the market. If you have any special requirements, please contact us.

Overseas market

Premium bond & finish thermal laminating films

Azumaya distributes selected premium bond & finish thermal laminating films that surpass the highest quality standards Japan is recognized for. Throughout the 70 years, we have formulated unique specialty products with our manufacturing partners to meet the requests of our customers.

Extreme bonding strength

Extreme bonding strength

The biggest market trend in the print finishing business we see is a shift from conventional offset printing to digital printing. Digital prints tend to cause lamination challenges and requires more attention during the film lamination process. We are confident our products’ bond strength is the best for digital prints in addition to conventional offset prints.

The extreme bonding strength also enables film thickness to be thinner which reduces plastics use. The series surely contributes to a sustainable future for the print finishing industry. BOPP, PET, Nylon, and additional substrates are available.



Another trend we see nowadays is heavier competition in the print finishing market.

Azumaya also sells a series of special thermal laminating films which make your products unique.

In addition to its extreme bonding strength, the series includes the following unique products for example:

  • Anti-Scratch Gloss PET Film
  • Beautiful anti-scratch matte Nylon and BOPP Film
  • Films with soft feel

More unique grades are available and new grades coming soon. Contact us for more information.

Contact us for more information.