Capturing the essence of fine printing

70 years in print finishing industry

Azumaya is a Japanese-based specialty supply distributor for the packaging and print finishing industries. We distribute a variety of thermal laminating films, wet laminating films, and coating materials for Japan market. We also distribute selected premium bond & finish thermal laminating films for the overseas market.

Starting from 1949 as a coating manufacturer up until today, Azumaya has been changing along with the market needs, but never had changed our mission “capturing the essence of fine printing”.

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Premium bond & finish thermal laminating films

Azumaya distributes selected premium bond & finish thermal laminating films that surpass the highest quality standards Japan is recognized for. We see two big trends in the print finishing industry; heavier competition and growth in digital printing. We have quite unique products that differentiate your print job to survive the heavy competition. We are confident that our products and bond strength is the best for digital prints.

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